What is EIPAC?
EIPAC is the Political Action Committee for Edison International.  Political Action Committees are simply groups of like-minded individuals who pool their resources to achieve a common goal.  EIPAC is a voluntary, nonpartisan political action committee that is not affiliated with any political party, candidate or organization and is funded through contributions from employees of Edison International.
The PAC supports candidates for political office who share our basic philosophy and values on the business issues that affect us. 

Who Is Eligible to Participate?
Because EIPAC supports federal candidates, it is limited to soliciting voluntary contributions from only certain groups of "eligible employees."  Under federal law, EIPAC may solicit and accept voluntary contributions from "executive or administrative" personnel and their families as long as they are U.S. citizens or have permanent resident alien status.  Executive or administrative personnel are defined as employees who are paid on a salary rather than an hourly basis and have policymaking, managerial, professional or supervisory responsibilities.  These individuals have already been identified and the list is kept up–to-date. 

Why is the PAC important to the company?
 EIPAC is an important tool for supporting the company's business goals and objectives.  Federal regulations strictly prohibit Edison International from making campaign contributions to federal candidates.  The company is permitted to fund the administrative costs associated with operating a PAC— ensuring the total amount of all contributions to the PAC are used to help elect candidates.  This is the reason the PAC is critical to our success in the political arena.

How much can EIPAC contribute to candidates?
In federal elections, EIPAC can contribute up to $5,000 per election (primary, general and run-off), per candidate.  

Will EIPAC support legislators who vote against our interests? 
This can happen.  Some legislators might be opposed to us on one issue, but be our most active proponents on another issue.  And of course, we are always working to change their views or to at least have the opportunity to present our positions on the issues before they vote.

Is my PAC contribution tax deductible?
No.  Your contribution to the PAC is not tax deductible as a charitable contribution for federal income tax purposes.

Contact for EIPAC – Cody Tubbs -- Cody.Tubbs@edisonintl.com

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